For public and crowded spaces

Tested and certified at 300 Kg/ml

(Certification and tested report available at
ALUMINIUM Aluminium support for floor ancorage (Art. no. E1800100) ALUMINIUM Art. no. E1800800
IRON Aluminium support for floor ancorage (Art. no. E1800200) IRON (Art. no. E1800300) IRON (Art. no. E1800400) IRON (Art. no. E11800500)
RUBBER Fixing wedge made of synthetic material; glass thickness 26,5mm-27mm (Art. no. E1800610); 30,5mm-31mm (Art. no. E1800710) RUBBER Rubber gaskets to be used with items E1800100; glass thickness 26,5mm-27mm (Art. no. E1800600); 30,5mm-31mm (Art. no. E1800700) RUBBER Closing gaskets 30mt; glass thickness 26,5mm-27mm (Art. no. E1800620); 30,5mm-31mm (Art. no. E1800720)
Insert in the aluminium profile the chosen L shaped rubber gasket. Put the glass inside the rubber gasket. Fix the whole structure using the wedges. Place the wedges on the opposite side of the L shaped gasket. Finish the assembling by putting the closing gasket to protect the system against the weather (rain, snow, etc.).