EKU Clipo 15 Clipo 16

EKU-CLIPO 16 GPK IS is designed for two top-running glass doors weighing up to 16 kg with the Inslide design. The running track is groove mounted, and does not require a groove in the base. The top edge of the glass is glued to the aluminium glass fixing profile. The running gear is integrated in the fixing profile for concealed installation. The aluminium glass fixing profiles can be cut to size to suit the width of the doors and installed without problems.

Area of application

  • For private living, eating and sleeping areas
  • In wall cabinets and base units in kitchens
  • Sideboards
  • Under units in bathrooms

System benefits

  1. Discreet glass door appearance
  2. No processing of aluminum glass fixing frame needed
  3. Continuous height adjustment
  4. Freely adjustable end stopper with retainer
  5. Running and guide tracks for recess mounting or screw fixing

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