HSW ComfortDrive

DORMA HSW ComfortDrive

DORMA HSW ComfortDrive

Fully automatic operating system for glass panel partitions

Quick and easy frontage, foyer and showroom adaptation

The HSW ComfortDrive is the fully automatic partition within the HSW portfolio – a model that offers outstanding convenience in flexible space utilisation. At the push of a button it enables showrooms and presentation areas, foyers, shops and self-service zones in banks to be adapted quickly and efficiently to daily changing requirements. With this system, multi-functional space management is a truly simple affair.

Advanced technology – the ComfortDrive operating system.

With the HSW ComfortDrive, transparent partition elements can be moved to their individually preprogrammed positions under fully automatic control. The control interface takes the form of a user-friendly touch screen. A high level of safety is ensured by an integrated monitoring system that stops the partition motions the moment contact is made with an obstacle.

Spatial management at the push of a button.

The HSW ComfortDrive can be controlled with just one finger operating a central touch screen. Aside from the standard functions “Open”, “Close” and “Stop”, a number of special positioning modes such as “One element open” (“Personnel opening” function), “Gapped configuration” or various free positioning patterns can be individually programmed and selected.