Schuifdeurenbeslag Astec Design 400


Contemporary architecture increasingly demands flexible room solutions. Intelligent solutions are created with fitting 400 that transfers loads downwards instead of carrying them from the top. The plain stainless steel wheel comprises two turned wheel discs fitted either side of the sliding element, made out of satin glass, fine veneered wood, black granite, polished metal or lacquered wall panels, for example. The wheel runs smoothly and quietly in a grooved floor track, even in the case of high loads.

areas of application

Open plan living and working areas, dividing walls, interjoining doors, flexible walls, doors in front of wall units, sliding panels in front of shelves, shading measures, etc.

fitting 410 is a variation of fitting 400. The wheel fitting runs along a flat stainless steel guide track screwed to the finished floor, b x h = 20 mm x 6 mm.


Wheel fitting designed for high loads. Very smooth and steady running due to 2 high-precision ball bearings. Stainless steel wheel consisting of two solid wheel discs, one on either side of the door leaf. Load-bearing wheel disc with journal turned in one piece. Twist-proof fastening of the supporting counter wheel disc with just one centric, visible hexagon socket head cap screw. inserted through a 70 mm diameter hole in the door leaf or the sliding element.

The wheel fitting 400/410 is available with an outer diameter 120 mm or 160 mm. All parts out of stainless steel 1.4305. Including all necessary connecting and retaining parts. Manufactured on cnc precision turning centres. Ground and finely brushed matt surfaces. The production plant is certified according to DIN/ISO 9001:2000. Floor guide tracks are recessed into the existing floor. b x h = 50 mm x 15 mm. Options out of grey polyamide, natural oak or stainless steel. single or multiple track.

Ceiling guide tracks serve lateral retention of the sliding element. Available as aluminium U-profile 20/40/2, alternatively 20/20/2, anodization possible. Single or multiple track. T-profile ceiling tracks can also be used for thicker door leaves out of wood, plastic or mineral materials.

astec schuifdeurbeslag gelagerd tot 400kg

4.00.01 RVS gelagerd loopwiel ø160mm
4.00.03 RVS gelagerd loopwiel ø120mm
9.07.01 Vloergeleidingsprofiel kunststof grijs 1.loop
9.07.02 Idem L=3000mm, 2.loop
9.07.03 Idem L=3000mm, 3.loop
9.07.05 Idem L=3000mm, 4.loop
9.07.04 Koppelstuk tbv vloergeleiding grijs
9.07.06 Vloergeleidingsprofiel eiken 2.loop L=3000mm
Glasdikte standaard 8-12mm, op aanvraag tot 19mm mogelijk, op aanvraag voor houten panelen.