Uniform Aestheticism

The d line Total Solution is a comprehensive package of timelessly elegant hardware comprising door handles, bathroom fittings, washroom panels, handrail, wardrobe components and signs. By offering such a diversity of hardware products unified by a single design concept, a concept visible in every item and detail, d line aims to support the architect in the quest for a homogenous visual expression relating the parts and detail of an environment to the architectural whole. In the words of d line designer, architect Knud Holscher: “Very simple ironmongery is to architecture what buttons are to a shirt; both should support the design and not detract from the overall expression.“

Solid Simplicity

The overriding characteristics of d line are solidity and simplicity. Throughout thirty years of continuous product development d line has acquired a detailed knowledge of AISI 316 stainless steel. In many ways d line products continue to benefit from the remarkable properties of this material: strength, longevity, and high corrosion resistance; all of which are substantiated through rigorous testing at certified institutes The enduring nature of d line is also evidenced in its visual qualities. Knud Holscher: "Where can a thing of beauty, once exercised, exude a greater effect? d line durability remains unaltered even after years of use, the material is improved as a result of patination, a process that inevitably provides character. This result cannot be attained with cheaper solutions where ageing is synonymous with decay."