Schuifdeurenbeslag Astec Design 800

we set architecture in motion

interior architecture and design – a symbiosis with a common objective: form, function, ergonomics and the use of space create a thematic whole. door fittings such as the new astec b.800 contribute to this. as part of the whole, they accentuate the respective overall solution. product designer thorsten rosenstengel purposefully takes up the individual, aesthetic style of astec’s stainless steel line for his astec b.800 and comes up with a new form. the open-running, sliding door principle with visible functional rollers experiences a new and unmistakable, elegant, lightweight interpretation.

a new definition of interior design

sliding doors open, connect and separate living and working space. fitting astec b.800 fulfils these functions. not in a superficial way. on the contrary, it is convincing in its optical appearance, is pleasantly unobtrusive and appears light, elegant and exclusive in every situation. another advantage: its exemplary, simple installation. with these attributes, it not only appeals to lovers of modern architecture. in fact, it harmonizes with its minimalistic, well-balanced design with many lifestyles and forms of living and working. for transparent, uninterrupted movement – at home, for example, between bathroom and bedroom. between kitchen and dining room, between living room and hall. or, as on the following pages: sliding doors elegantly conceal entertainment electronics or a coat rail. not only that: the new fitting astec b.800 is also ideal for office and property applications as well as in shop designs and hotel architecture.

astec fitting b.800

astec stainless steel fittings not only follow the principle of elementary form, classic simplicity and unpretentious straightforwardness. further attributes are precision operation and smooth, easy handling, the technical details are solved meticulously and intelligently. astec b.800 boasts notable features in this respect: high-precision ball bearings ensure an unrivalled sliding function. the polyamide rollers of the running gear easily slide the up to 120 kg heavy doors along the solid stainless steel running rod. the slender supporting hangers, the retainer for the runner and the supporting rod for the door leaf are accurately milled with CNC precision. screw connections are no longer visible. all surfaces are finely ground and manually brushed to a matt finish. for all door widths and door leaf materials; single, double or multi-leaf. for wall, glass and ceiling mounting. complementary accessories: door stoppers act directly on the door leaf, the door retaining brackets permit 3D adjustment. pull handles, flush pulls, knobs and locks from the astec addition range of accessories.