MAB 750

Vloerveren - 750 serie
De sterkste
  • Adjustable power EN 3-6 by means of stepless governor which coupled with high efficiency allows a real personalization of opening/closing forces.
  • Recommended for large and very heavy doors up to 300 kg. thanks to large piston displacement that ensures a real hydraulically controlled damping action.
  • Closing from approx 175° in both swings under hydraulic control. Handed version with control from 180° available on request.
  • Two independent thermostatic valves for precise adjustment of general closing speed, final latch or final damping.
  • Hold open at 90°, 105° or non hold open.
  • Back Check effect.
  • Overpressure relief valve to protect unit against abuse.
  • Large range of adjustment within cement box to solve possible alignment problems on site without taking down the door.
  • Cast iron body.
  • Cement box in hot zinc plated steel.
  • Variety of available spindles: square Italian, square French, rectangular German.
  • Interchangeable spindle from 0 to + 30 mm.
  • Architectural finishes: coverplate in polished s/steel, satin s/steel, polished brass.
  • Delayed closing action (optional) between approx. 175° and 80° controlled by hydraulic valve. With this option final latch is not performed.
  • All models have quality certification EN1154.
    Version without Hold Open, has CE conformity.