Douchebeslag Dorma GRAL SO 750

Glass Shower System SO 750

An updated version of a thoroughly proven system: the technology and also the design of the SO 750 glass shower system are based on the successful MANET range of fittings from DORMA-Glas.

Now GRAL has tailored these components specifically to the requirements of a made-to-measure shower, combining top quality with outstanding planning and installation convenience.The AISI 316-L stainless steel used here is ideally suited for wet room applications.

Plastic profiles for the closing edges of the sliding door complement the familiar, striking appearance of the MANET fittings.


The SO 750 system fits perfectly into the MANET environment of interior all-glass constructions.

Roller carriers
in the unique MANET look

DORMA GRAL Douchebeslag SO 750 fitting