Vloerveren Speedy M60HD

  1. Can be used with hinges with centres from 53 to 70 mm by moving the cement case accordingly.
  2. The cover on the jamb side must not be cut: there are 3 cover fixing positions on the case, to be selected on-site.
  3. The patented blocking system is unique and allows for regulating the height exceeding the height of the cement case by 5 mm or shimming the door closer by as much as 10 mm.
  4. Less deformation of the cement box due to the blocking device guarantees easier positioning and cover fixing.
  5. Blocking system is assured by means of 6 special screws, two each side of the cement case and two for longitudinal blocking, one from the spindle side and one from the opposite side.
  6. The cover is fixed with just 2 screws (not 4) in a central position, therefore protected from wear.
  7. The cement box has rounded corners, making it easier to break a hole in the floor.
  8. A special model cement box, blocking devices and stainless steel adjusting screws for installations in aggressive environments or for the food industry, hospitals, swimming pools, etc. are available.
  9. It is easy to insert the rear cover and it must be done when the cover and door are installed: it is not necessary to dismantle the door to remove it.
  10. "Thermo constancy" is standard equipment.
  11. One single valve programs the desired closing speed from 130┬░ to 0┬░ ca. An additional valve enables and regulates the latch speed from 15┬░ to 0┬░ ca.
  12. Refined and modern aesthetics.